There are loads of different roof tiles available from all over the world ..depending on what type of roof tile you are wanting to use because of the high the demand from contractors all over the country sometimes you can find yourself having to wait weeks sometimes months ..especially if the tile is rare for them to arrive...

Most commonly used tiles

  • Ashmore
  • Edgemere
  • Riven Edgemere
  • Duo Edgemere
  • Modern Duo
  • Modern Mendip
  • Wessex Ludlow major
  • Ludlow Plus
  • Anglia

Clay tiles

  • Canterbury hand made
  • Acme single camber
  • Acme double camber
  • Hawkins plain tiles
  • Ashdowne plain tiles
  • Maxima clay double Roman
  • Melodie clay single plaintile
  • Creasing tiles

Concrete tiles

  • plain tiles-the concrete plain tile creates a lovely looking roof ,and as design has been with us since the 17th century
  • pan tiles- a manufacturer called sandtoft is the undisputed market leader with nearly a century of experience
  • Roman tiles- Roman tiles are a flat based tile usually containing one or two rolls .being known as single or double Romans.
  • low profile-the low profile tile is not used as much as the pan or plain tiles .. Because of its unique sharpened edge that gives an angular look to the roof . There are a lot more such as.
  • ashmore
  • edgemere
  • riven edgemere
  • duo edgemere
  • modern
  • mendip
  • wessex
  • Ludlow major

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